Great Western Terrier Association is in the house!

This year, an old friend has rejoined the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills for its weekend of dogs shows: The Great Western Terrier Association of Southern California. The GWTA and KCBH for many years shared the same weekend and site for its shows, but when KCBH moved to Pomona in 2017, GWTA stayed behind at Long Beach for its shows in June.

But in 2019 the club has decided to move to Pomona as well and in doing so, brings the family back together.

The GWTA brings more than 200 Terriers to the weekend as they stage two separate Terrier-only shows on the Friday before the Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina and hosted by the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills.

It’s nice to have the clubs and their shows back together. They date back a long time,
with KCBH established in 1965 and GWTA just two years later.

The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills sends a big welcome back to GWTA President Jack Smith and show coordinator Karen Smith, and looks forward to a successful and exciting weekend of show.