The inspiration for the Club’s logo Beverly Gardens Park Hunter and Hounds

The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills logo and insignia comes from this statue, which stands in Beverly Hills Park (on Santa Monica Boulevard between Canon Drive and Crescent Drive). The Save Outdoor Sculptures survey conducted in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s reported that the statue had been purchased in France and brought to this country by a pioneering Beverly Hills family to memorialize their son who died in the battle of Chateau Thierry.


W.D. Longyear, a Beverly Hills banker went to France to visit the spot where his son was killed in World War I. At the site, he saw this statue, riddled with bullet holes from this and other battles. The shell-torn statue stood guard above a subterranean chamber in which Signal Corps of the 3rd Division American Army maintained headquarters communications during bombardment.


In 1925, Mr. Longyear received permission from the French government to remove the work to the United States. The sculpture was dedicated on the Longyear Beverly Hills estate on Beverly Drive in November of that year and it stood there on the front lawn for many years, with memorial ceremonies held at the statue each Armistice Day. When the Longyears moved from Beverly Hills, they donated the statue to the city and it was eventually placed in Beverly Gardens Park.

Text from the plaque: “Hunter and Hounds (Le Chausseur et les chiens), A. Jacquermat, sculptor, 1895-1924. This shell-torn statue stood guard above a subterranean chamber in which signal corps 3 rd division American Army maintained headquarters communications during bombardment of Chatteau (sic) Thierry, 1918 “Second Battle of the Marne” dedicated Armistice Day 1925.” Note: There is an uncertainlty about the identity of the sculptor given on the plaque, as there are some sources that identify Henri Alfred Jacquemart (1825-1896), a French sculptor famous for sculptures of animals, as the artist. And, Interestingly, the study also reports that the sculpture may exist in another edition in an Austrian hunting lodge.